Our Story

It started with the love of Tarot…

“Our mission is to promote, support, and spread awareness of Indie Tarot and Oracle decks. We hope to connect people with cards they love.”

I discovered Tarot three years ago when I was on vacation to visit my family in Thailand. During our visit, I got the chance to know my uncle, who I found out is a tarot reader. I did a reading with him and was both amazed and curious at how accurate and helpful the reading was. He saw that I was interested so he offered to teach me how to read tarot, he eventually turned into my mentor.

While in the process of studying Tarot, I found myself collecting more and more decks. I discovered so many beautiful self-published decks and I realized how fortunate I’ve been to be able to have access to most of them since I live in the US. With this realization, I wanted to do something so I could share all of these decks with my fellow Tarot & Oracle enthusiasts back in Thailand.

Indie tarot decks are not impossible for collectors to acquire, but they are not easy or cheap either. The language barrier, the price, the shipping fees, and other importing processes are complicated enough to shy many collectors away from purchasing these decks, not only collectors in Thailand, but those in nearby countries as well. 

So… This is how “The Hermit Shop” started. With the help of a friend in Thailand, who is also a Tarot reader, we decided to open this little shop to import self-published decks into Thailand.


Our vision

We want to help spread awareness of Indie decks and put them in the hands of deck lovers like ourselves. We seek to have as many deck options as our little business can provide so that everyone can find a deck they can connect with. 

We're trying to grow slowly and carry as many decks as we possibly could, but there are still many limitations, such as our budget and inventory space, which we hope we can overcome in the future.

Supporting small businesses is also important to us, so our main goal is to carry other divination products created by small businesses. 

Right now, we are a small, startup business with a big vision in our minds, but we are learning and striving every day to achieve our dreams. 

What's next for The Hermit Shop?

Now that we have this shop up and running, our next plan is to help promote decks made by Thai creators/artists. We will have a Special Collection page featuring Made in Thailand decks that we hope will help make the works by Thai creators more well known and more accessible. 

We thank you for your support and we hope that you will give us a chance to show you what we have to offer. 

"One of us in the US. And one of us in Thailand. We are a team of two learning along as we go..."

- N & P -
(The Hermit Team)