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Tarot of the Holy Spectrum: Infinity Edition 🇺🇸

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$60.00 USD

By Chase Voorhees

This set includes:

  • 78 full-color tarot cards.
  • Cards size 2.75''×4.75'' (70mm×120mm) on 350 gsm art paper with high gloss mirrored finish and silver edges.
  • Comes in a matte secure box that closes magnetically.
  • Black microfiber cloth with branded infinity loop is included.
  • No Guidebook.

100% Authentic deck imported from USA 🇺🇸

    From the Creator

    The cards are printed on beautiful, high quality 350gsm art paper, featuring a high gloss mirrored finish on both the backs and the edges of the cards. The artistic inspiration behind this choice was the essence of The Lovers card itself. When the cards are face down, they create a mirror. As you draw cards, you are reaching and touching into a reflection of the self.

    Tarot of the Holy Spectrum: Infinity Edition tells a story through color. In this edition, the artist takes the color inspiration to another level. While the same basic color inspiration remains, each card has been completely reimagined. The Major Arcana follows a saturated color spectrum throughout the cards, while each of the Minor Arcana suits progresses through the color spectrum as well.


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