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The Lubanko Tarot 🇺🇸

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By Emily Lubanko

This set includes:

  • 78 full-color tarot cards.
  • Cards size 2.75''×4.75'' (70mm×120mm) on 350gsm card stock with holographic silver-edges on the cards.
  • A guidebook in English.
  • Comes in a secure box that closes magnetically with a soft-touch matte velvet-feel and silver foil printing on the title.

100% Authentic deck imported from USA 🇺🇸

    From the Creator

    The Lubanko Tarot is a richly illustrated 78 card tarot deck exploring the surreal, the intense, the queer, and the divine. It is a tarot deck and an art object, and a tool to be used however the reader desires. These cards are meant to help the reader grapple with their personal metaphor and mythos. The Lubanko Tarot deck contains the standard 78 cards and is fully illustrated. That means that all the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana are full paintings— no pip cards. Every suit is a full journey, lushly-illustrated and packed full of metaphor, story, and the full range of the elements. The cards show beings of different walks of life, some closer to human and some far beyond, dipping into the diversity of life on earth and the divine of when we transcend our expected forms. These paintings have been lovingly and painstakingly perfected as both pieces of art and pieces to be used for reading. They were made to be read at both small and large sizes, with bright colors, strong values, and compositional movement—as well as minding good contrast for those who may be colorblind and wish to read as well. *For those buying gifts, this deck is recommended for perhaps ages 16+, due to typical themes one might find in an art museum—think of Perseus slaying Medusa, the arrows in St. Sebastian, and mythological violence/eros.


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